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Potions are items you can buy in the gym in Miuchiz Monsterz. They currently serve no purpose in the handheld. Probably the only reason you should buy this is to fill up the itemz. The first potion is called Muscle Potion. It cost 300 Creditz to buy this item. The next item is called Buff Brew it cost 150 Creditz. The next one is called Swamp Gas, it cost 100 Creditz pretty good deal.

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The next Potion to buy is called Power Elixir. It cost 150 Creditz to buy. (I personaly would buy all of these potions so i can try to fill up my itemz bar. The next one to get is called Energy Serum. In the Handheld it cost 200 creditz preaty steep but it's worth it becasue it looks preaty good to have in your inventory. The next one to get is the Bad Breath potion. It cost 250 creditz to own which is pretty high but worth it to own. The BEST potion in the game is called the Warrior Potion, it is an outstanding 400 Creditz which is a lot of money. These are all the potions you can buy in Miuchiz Monsterz.