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Miuchiz is the name of a handheld game made by the privately owned toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment, that launched in around August 2006.

Miuchiz Overview[]


Miuchiz Monsterz Official Commercial TV Spot

The Miuchiz is most well known for its handheld, that of which is an electronic device that lets the player care for, play and interact with a virtual character. It is most similar to a Tamagotchi device.

The handheld has numerous functions, such as; playing games with your virtual character and gain credits, buy items, food and more. The most common handheld is Miuchiz 1.0 plus an updated version of the handheld known as 'Miuchiz 2.0', though it was only released in Europe. The only 2.0 handheld characters are Inferno and Cloe. The handhelds sold for around $20-40 USD at major retailers, such as Kmart and Toys R Us.

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