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Miuchiz 2.0, was a very sucessful Miuchiz Handheld launch in Europe. Sadly the AMAZING 2.0 handheld was only released in Europe. I think they only released two types of Miuchiz 2.0's. I think they were Miuchiz Monsterz Inferno, and Miuchiz Bratz Cloe. The Handheld's had a way BETTER appearence then the 1.0 handhelds. I really like the clamshell feature instead of just plastic protecting the screen. I would give the 2.0 handheld's 10 out of 10. When i buy one i will make a great review about the 2.0 handheld so maybe you may want to buy it to. The Battery Life is pretty long. What i prefer is buy 3 AAA batteries that are recharable so that when your screen isn't that bright you can charge the batteries with a adapter. When you clean the screen (if it every gets dust) you should use a cloth, it's better suited. Just gently rub it against the screen and it should become a clean screen. To clean the Handheld (not screen) i would use a cloth and a ear swap with a dap of water at the end so you can clean any smodges in the handheld. The Miuchiz 2.0 beats the 1.0 in appearence, buttons, and gameplay because i hear that the handheld 2.0 has some added stuff from 1.0. I would really recommend buying this. It only cost $9:99 and the shipping is probably $3:99. When i buy one i will send a link to the place where you can get the Miuchiz 2.0. GO MIUCHIZ!!!

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