Miuchiz Wiki

The Miuchiz version 1.0 handheld (or just Miuchiz) is the first release of the Miuchiz handheld released in 7

different  varients and 3 groups. The handheld's design has a similar layout to that of Nintendo's GameBoy Micro. 

The outstanding features of the handheld compared to most other virtual pets at the time was the inclusion of a 'full-colour' screen, 4 push button 'sensors' (typical buttons) and a 'motion' sensor. Alongside these features, the unit also incorporates a USB Type-A connector for connection to a PC (most commonly for use on a Windows PC).


As mentioned previously, the Miuchiz handhelds were available in 7 different 'characters' which are split into 3 separate groups or 'tribes':

Spike and Dash best cat and dog (Pawz)

'Pawz', which consisted of two characters called Spike (Cat) and Dash (Dog), and was intended for both genders.

Inferno, Creeper and Roc (Monsterz)

'Monsterz', which consisted of three characters called Inferno, Creeper and Roc, and was intended for boys.

Cloe and Yasmin (Bratz)

'Bratz', also the same name as MGA's (possibly Mattel) line of Bratz products, consisted of two characters called Cloe and Yasmin, and was intended for girls.


Upon turning the handheld on, the user is brought to the first 'location' called 'bedroom'. The user can then press the action button and walk to other locations moving with the directional pad. There is also the option to play mini games as a way to increase your stats and earn money or 'creditz'. Creditz can be used to purchase items on the handheld or online from the original Planet Mion (Miuchiz Reborn does not yet have this functionality fully implemented).

When a brand new handheld/unit is turned on, it will most likely have the software version v1.02 or v1.04 pre-installed (demo version), until the user updates the handheld (usually v1.09.03 or 'full version') they will be able to purchase all the items on the handheld, with an increase on game speed.


Note: backgrounds shown are from the Roc handheld

Roc bedroom.png
Rest your character, change/check the current set time and set reminders from the alarm clock

View your currently obtained items, change your clothing/weapons etc

Media room.png

Play CDs/DVDs, and play minigames

Pc room.png

Allows you to connect your handheld to your PC via USB, and do things like connect to Miuchiz Reborn/Planet Mion


Allows you to connect to other handhelds via IR (Infrared), to play multiplayer games, trade and sell items for creditz

Place prior to market/mall entrance
Entrance to multiple shops (shops differ between tribes)