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Creeper, is one of the three tribe monsterz, his class is warrior and


his element is Grass. He is probably a good opponent to vs. In battle Creeper attacks with his grass attacks like smacking you with vines and etc. His special moves involve grass vines being smashed against the opponent. He has an advantage against Roc sence he is a grass elemental but has a weekness against Inferno because he can burn him alive with his fire attacks. When fighting Inferno in the Brawlesium (handheld) it is best just to keep pressing the action button (Very quickly) delivering him with vine whips so Inferno won't be able to attack you. In his house you will see it's made out of wood, vines, and leaves that's why it is like a nature habitat. In the Brawlesium Creeper and the other t

Creeper Element: Grass

hree monsterz know 3 special moves 1 that is defensive (Left Arrow Key + Action Button holding these two buttons will put Creeper in a good defensive postion). One that involves your weapon (Right Arrow Key + Action Button). The last one is a special move ( Up Arrow Key + Action Button)